6th August 2018
Agricultura 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 or how technology is changed the agricultural sector

The world is changing. Much is said about the digital revolution but few relate it to agriculture. This activity has suffered many revolutions in recent years […]
24th July 2018
Lexion 650 usada

3 tips for buying used and used machinery

Buy agricultural machinery is expensive and a good option may be to use the used and used machinery. This type of machinery can be much more […]
11th July 2018
ITV Agrícola 2018

ITV Agricultural 2018: changes and how to pass the inspection

The new regulation in the ITV of 2018 has not only brought changes for cars. The new rules that have come into force have also modified […]
25th June 2018

Second-hand seeders: 3 points you should check

The experience in agriculture is a degree. There are very effective people who are able to avoid pests and problems during the harvest but the agricultural […]
13th June 2018
recambios originales claas

Why use original spare parts for agricultural machinery?

If we respect the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer on all types of machines, the most common is that the problems are not too many. Even […]
28th May 2018
Tractores de segunda mano

Second hand tractors: 5 points you should check

Sales of second-hand tractors are still pushing up. The new tractors, from our point of view, are much better but there are still those who prefer […]
14th May 2018
Erasmus Agrario

Do you know the “agrarian Erasmus”? You can visit other farms in Europe to see how they work

It is true that in Galicia we have very good farms, nobody can deny it. However, when the first members of the “Agrarian Erasmus” could see […]
25th April 2018

Cutting bars Max Cut by Claas, why do they spend less fuel and mow better?

As many of you know, it’s the mowing season and your press needs the best technology to go faster. Do you know which cut bars offer […]
23rd April 2018
Feria Magreco 2018

Did you miss the news of the Magreco 2018 Fair?

What began as a small exhibition of agricultural machinery today is a must for all professionals in the agricultural and livestock sector. This year, in the […]