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11th April 2018
Cutting bars Max Cut by Claas, why do they spend less fuel and mow better?
25th April 2018
Feria Magreco 2018

What began as a small exhibition of agricultural machinery today is a must for all professionals in the agricultural and livestock sector. This year, in the Maghrong 2018, we could see everything. Have you lost them?

One of the most commented things has been the exhibition of ancient agricultural machinery that was full of curious people. What would happen to the big machines now if the first manufacturers had not taken those big steps?

Curtis Agricultural in Magreco 2018

We brought a wide variety of products to the fair but the curious ones noticed a lot of them, do you want to know which ones?

Claas Axion 850

Claas Axion 850

If you know the sector you will understand that there is no need to talk much about the Claas Axion 850, it is one of those tractors that convinces only to see it. It stands out for all the novelties it offers:

  • FPT engines: high power with low consumption.
  • Different finishes and equipment: you can choose between three variants with different finishes and HEXASIFT automatic gearbox or continuous with CMATIC technology.
  • Fast and easy maintenance: it is optimized so that you spend the least and lose the least amount of time possible, even the oil level can be checked without opening the hood. You will not need tools for daily maintenance.
  • Reliable: one of those tractors that will not leave you lying and that will serve you for all kinds of uses.

Rear Claas Axion 850

Trasera Claas Axion 850

If you want to know more about the Claas AXION 850 you can check all the details here.

Sgariboldi Gulliver 8000

Sgariboldi 6000

Many stopped to watch the powerful Sgariboldi Gulliver 8021, a self-propelled machine with pallet system equipped with the latest technology to increase its productivity. If you need a large mixer trolley for sure you’ve had your eye on it before.

It integrates two distinct phases (short and then mix) to achieve a mix of certified quality. It also stands out for being solid and reliable. It is perfect for large farms and has equipment that makes it one of the most powerful in its sector. Have you had the opportunity to see her work?

Monosem Seed Driller

Sementadora Monosem

Another one that also stood out, although it does not move alone, was the Monoshox NG Plus M planter from Monosem. This pneumatic seeder with double disc burial has been proving for years that it is one of the best products on the market.

It has a single point of support on the axis of fall of the seeds, follows the terrain perfectly and behaves well in all conditions.

More products by Curtis Agricultural

But they were not the only products that we took to the fair, we leave you some photos in the next gallery. There were rotoempacadoras, swathers, more tractors, etc.

Rollant 375RC

Rollant 375 RC

Windrower Claas Liner 2800

Hilerador Claas Liner 2800

Claas Axion 620

Claas Axion 620

Monosem Seeder

Monosem sementadora

Do you want to see a video-summary of the fair?


If you have lost it and you are interested in seeing the entire fair, this Tractor Passion video is perfect for you. We hope you enjoy the exhibition, demonstrations and all kinds of events that we enjoyed this year in Magreco 2018. You can also see part of our exhibition in the video.

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