The 5 keys to avoid sanctions if you ask the CAP

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The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is what one of the main aid that citizens receive each year is called. However, the regulations of the farms that benefit from these European aids oblige to maintain good environmental and production practices. These requirements are included in the annexes of RD 1078/2014 and they want to avoid the deterioration of water and soil, as well as guarantee animal welfare and the monitoring of agricultural products.

In the beneficiary farms of the CAP, controls are carried out every year on conditionality and, when anomalies are detected, a fine of between 3% and 5% of the amount that has been charged may fall. But, if in the following years it is repeated, this figure could rise up to 15% or even to completely withdraw the aid to exploitation (received during the campaign). Below we explain the 5 most common problems that these fines usually cause.

Beware of manure effluents

One of the first keys to avoid sanctions is to store the manure correctly. They can not be deposited directly on the ground, as they can leak into it. The ideal is to put them in a concrete base with collection of remains. If you keep it in a covered low, and there is no risk of the rain spreading, it could also serve.

Apply slurry correctly

The intention of the Ministry is to force to only apply purines with systems of injection in the ground or hanging pipes, avoiding the system of cannon, fan or dish. At the moment there are still exceptions, especially in Galicia. Here you can know how to apply the slurry correctly.

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The silos also pollute

All the remains that come out of the silos must be collected because they are highly polluting. The concrete trench silos already tend to comply with this collection, but when they are made on plastic, this is not usually contemplated. Nowadays it is rare to see silos on the ground, but there is still one left.

How to take care of the environment of exploitation?

The plastics of the silos must be ordered. Many times they go with the rain or the wind and you have to avoid it. It is a subject that could carry a penalty.

Beware of abandoned parcels or bad practices
Another of the things that also control are the plots of the farm. As there are abandoned lands, which have been unharvested for several years without being taken advantage of, a fine could also fall. It is a problem that is often seen, especially in less professional farms or with high age beneficiaries.

As you can see, there are several details in which the difference between doing it wrong or good is not so much. However, there are still beneficiaries of the CAP who receive sanctions. And remember that the phytosanitary and fertilizers must be at least five meters away from water courses where there can be no agricultural crops or where you can apply this type of product.

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