Do you know what methods can be used to spread purines in 2019?

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We know that spreading slurry is one of the most common activities in the agricultural world. That is why we want to shed some light on the regulations regarding their handling. The BOE has published a Royal Decree (which we leave you at the end of the article) that details some changes in the aid of the CAP next year and confirms that the Autonomous Communities may maintain in 2019 some exceptions to the decree of purines of the Central Government .

What systems to spread purines are prohibited in Spain?

The Central Government prohibits spreading livestock fertilizers by:

  • Dish system.
  • Fan.
  • Cannons

In spite of this, it will not be obligatory in many cases to bury slurry and buy machinery for it, with the expense that this implies. Although this, only in a few exceptions. It will be the Autonomous Communities that can establish margins to allow certain systems. In plots where there is a slope of more than 20%, its application can not be made either.

The CA may establish, by areas with complicated orography, certain exceptions through resolutions or regulations that do not have to be individualized. The objective of this law is to reduce the excess of ammonia emissions in Spain, a greenhouse gas that comes, in a 96%, of the livestock sector.

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What systems of spreading slurry can you use in Galicia?

The Ministry of Rural Affairs has also established its exception. The cannon system can not be used, but the fan system, the most used in the community, can be used. It is possible that you already have a purin cistern with this system although, obviously, you can also use the most advanced methods to contribute with your activity to eliminate the possible gases that produce the greenhouse effect.

You are free to decide if you prefer to use a more advanced method to bury slurry. Remember that tanks are among our product range. In case you have doubts or want to consult prices about these systems, call us, send us a message to Facebook or visit our store. You will be advised by true professionals of the agricultural sector.

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