Where to buy used tractors?

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There are many reasons why you might want to buy used machinery, however, many times the question is not why, but where. A private person or a workshop? Some time ago we talked about what to check when buying a used tractor and one of the most important things was where to buy.

It is clear that if we buy agricultural machinery from a private individual, it can be a little cheaper (sometimes not even that), but we do not have any guarantee about the product that is being offered to us. Individuals do not have the capacity to check the vehicle, check its status, certify its maintenance, etc. This makes that, if it gives us a problem, everything we have saved becomes a complete ordeal.

How to find a certified workshop?

With a simple Google search we can find agricultural workshops near us and through its website, as in our Agricultural Curtis, we can see if these sell used machinery, what conditions offer, etc. Today is rare the company that does not have its used tractors on the Internet and it is very easy to take a visual to see if it has something adapted to what we are looking for.

Even if you are a bit away, these will help you with photos, information, documents you need, professional advice, etc. Well in the end they will also make you easily reach the machine in case the operation is left to desmano and you need the new machine. In the image you can see an example of our used equipment page.

Venta de maquinaria usada

We always recommend buying a tractor adapted to what we are looking for and not an oversized or very small one. Well, if it falls short, it can be damaged by the abuse of work and if it is too large we could have maneuverability problems, maintenance costs not according to our exploitation, etc.

Did you know that we also sell used machinery?

We, at Agricola Curtis, work with major brands in the sector but sometimes our customers can deliver certain products that still have a long life ahead of them. Once we have them in the workshop, we review them and change everything that is necessary so that the new owner does not have to worry about anything other than his usual maintenance.

If you want to see our used agricultural machinery, click here. But remember that we are also an official dealer of Claas, as well as working with the brands Lemken, Sulky, Monosem and Sgariboldi, all of them of great importance in their sectors. And you? Where do you prefer to buy agricultural machinery? Are you more of new or used machines? Go ahead and leave a comment with your opinion, help us improve.

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