We are Agrícola Curtís

Our company

Agrícola Curtís is a family business founded in 1985 with the aim of providing the best technology and advice to our clients.

To achieve this we have a wide selection of the best machinery, great knowledge of the industry and products in which we are specialized.
Agrícola Curtís is one of the leading Galician concessionaires in the supply of agricultural machinery. Today, we have in our portfolio important groups of agricultural machinery, as well as a large stock of spare parts.


We are a team of highly motivated people who work together to fulfill our mission with farmers, "put what you need at your fingertips" Helping you to achieve your goals:

1. Increasing the value of the land. We have a wide range of machinery for soil development.
2. Increasing crop productivity. Using the right equipment and the best advice can save money and increase returns. It is a well-known fact that cultivation is not a "one-size-fits-all" application, and Agrícola Curtís has the range of products and knowledge to help you with your requirements.
3. Saving on the costs of feeding.
4. Improving the health of your livestock.


We love what we do, the agrarian sector, its professionals and our land. We believe deeply in the primary sector, a very important gear in the economic cycle of the whole society, and for that reason, we keep fighting to offer you the best technology and advice available to us.

It only arrives faster, accompanied further. Allow us to accompany you!

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