If you want a used harvester, you should look at these points

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12th December 2018
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You may still find it early to buy a combine harvester. However, if you want a used one for the next campaign it is never too much to see the ones that are coming to the stores at this time of the year. The harvesters are machines with a high price and we can find many second hand in good condition. On this occasion we would like to give you some tips to choose a good one for you.

How to choose the used harvester?

It is best to go to your trusted dealer. But keep in mind one thing, the older the harvester is, the harder it will be to find spare parts (in some cases). That is why it is important that you not only look at the price of the machine, but also the ease of getting spare parts for it. A dealer will advise you better on this subject, especially if you are an official distributor of any brand of harvester.

Not all harvesters serve anything

Just as a 4×4 is not the ideal vehicle for the city (although there are those who think so), not all harvesters are optimal for all types of crops. Keep in mind that you may have to make important adaptations in it. We should even think about waste management. If you are going to pick up the straw and get it out of the field, there is no problem, but otherwise it is necessary that the straw chopper be used. It is even interesting that you come with a spreader, facilitating the elimination of weeds.

No, it does not work as big donkey, walk not walk

Another thing, and mistake that sometimes is made, is not to choose the size of the harvester well. It is easy to find large machines at affordable prices but if you harvest a not very large area or small fields, it will be a bad decision. With the width of cut we can estimate the capacity of it, and the separation we need. Also, keep in mind that the machines need constant flow.

  • Machines with high threshing capacity have to advance at a high speed (in some areas this is not feasible).
  • On the contrary, if we have a small machine we will have to go more slowly, especially if it has a wide cut. When you circulate very slowly, you increase the risk of losing grain mixed in the straw. Everything has its problem.

Money, perhaps the most important point

In the end, one of the things that will have to help us decide is the budget we have. That is why it is important to take account. The cost of the machine should be less than the cost of hiring a person to do the work. If you charge us 10,000 euros to harvest each campaign, and we will use the machine for 10 years, the cost should not exceed € 100,000 (unless you are going to get performance with other farms, an interesting possibility). Otherwise, it is almost better to hire someone to do the work for us.

But money is not only important, therefore, the more money we spend, the machine will be more modern, equipped and less used. If your budget is for a very old machine, without AC, worn out ad nauseam, it is possible that you are retracing more than you are going to walk in the next few years with it.

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What to check on used harvesters?

There are several aspects that you should review once you have confirmed that it is the ideal machine for you:

  • General aspect: look at the hours of engine and threshing. Of course, if the hours are much lower than a reasonable use, it is possible that you have suffered an accident. A repainted machine can be an indicator of misuse, although not always. However, if you see it painted (especially if it is particular), distrust a bit and try to see why it has been painted. Check even the machines that are there if you have the opportunity. And do not forget to observe possible blows and oxides.
  • Test the engine on: it is vital to see if all parts of it work, to avoid surprises when you reach the farm. You can even check if it makes noise, if the pulleys work well, etc. As the wear of vital parts (not the classic consumables and spare parts) can be a great expense.

Remember to ask, it is important to ask questions, buy where you buy. It will help to know if the seller is honest, if he tries to deceive us, etc. We hope we have helped you a little with this topic. If, on the other hand, you have any doubt, remember that you can ask us through our Facebook without problem. Our experts will be able to advise you on the purchase of harvesters.

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