21st December 2018
Cosechadoras usadas revisar

If you want a used harvester, you should look at these points

You may still find it early to buy a combine harvester. However, if you want a used one for the next campaign it is never too […]
12th December 2018
Claas Torion 1914

The 5 keys to avoid sanctions if you ask the CAP

The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is what one of the main aid that citizens receive each year is called. However, the regulations of the farms that […]
28th November 2018
Comprar tractores de ocasión

Where to buy used tractors?

There are many reasons why you might want to buy used machinery, however, many times the question is not why, but where. A private person or a […]
14th November 2018
Cisterna Claas

Do you know what methods can be used to spread purines in 2019?

We know that spreading slurry is one of the most common activities in the agricultural world. That is why we want to shed some light on […]
22nd October 2018
Tipos de abonadoras

Agricultural fertilizer spreaders: different types and operation

At present the abonadoras are necessary to satisfy the high demands of the population. With the help of fertilizers we can increase the amount of nutrients […]
10th October 2018
Razones comprar maquinaria agrícola segunda mano

3 reasons to buy agricultural machinery

When we consider buying agricultural machinery we always think of the two options: new or used. The truth is that the agricultural machinery used, has gained […]
18th September 2018
Picadora Shredlage Claas

What is Claas’ Shredlage technology for? It’s a breakthrough?

Many of you will have heard about Claas’ Shredlage technology. This name, a convoluted play on words, is the one that a US company used to […]
12th September 2018
Ahorra combustible tractor

How to save fuel on the tractor

One of the main expenses of the majority of farmers is the fuel of their agricultural machinery. Choosing a suitable tractor to the farm is vital […]
21st August 2018
Código de ruedas de maquinaria agricola

How to read the codes of agricultural machinery tires?

Choosing tires for a tractor is important but it is also, for any type of agricultural machinery. Choosing an inappropriate tire can cause a lot of […]

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