What is Claas’ Shredlage technology for? It’s a breakthrough?

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Picadora Shredlage Claas

Many of you will have heard about Claas’ Shredlage technology. This name, a convoluted play on words, is the one that a US company used to create a revolutionary corn grain conditioner that Claas already equips as an option in its range of self-propelled forage choppers. Yes, that’s right, Claas has taken over the rights to this technology and launched it into Europe.

Claas compra Shredlage

How does a mincer with Shredlage work?

Chopping with Shredlage is a long silage. The material, with this technology, is split into pieces and flat parts so that no stems, ears or grains remain intact. The crop is harvested through crushing rollers with a grid surface that have a separation of between 2 and 3 mm between them. The difference in speed between rollers is 50% compared to 21% for traditional techniques.

The TLC (theoretical cut length) is also greater for Shredlage, between 26 and 30 mm compared to 15 and 20 of the conventional ones. Thanks to this the fibers of the leaves are very well opened and the material of the stems is exposed to a transverse effect by the spiral groove, causing it to be removed by rubbing the peel of the stem. The soft inner part is also cut and in this way the harvested material is very decomposed and can be easily compacted in the silo.

Thanks to this we get a forage with a greater structure, greater opening of the fibers of the material, more crushed grain and better health of our animals. Everything benefits, right?

What are the advantages of silage with Shredlage?

Forraje Shredlage de Claas

In the United States this technology has been used for about 5 years and is no longer a novelty. Thanks to it an increase in the digestibility of processed dry matter is achieved. In this way, we obtain a corn silage base diet with a higher content of long fiber, without compromising at any time the quality of the grain or the energy supplied by the product. This should increase the amount of milk produced by our animals and the protein and fat content.

The Claas Jaguar is the perfect device for Shredlage

It is known to all that Claas Jaguars are the best in forage choppers. The Jaguar range does not need any kind of presentation. A Jaguar of the 900 series with some of the heads of the ORBIS 600 series and Shredlage technology can achieve impressive results. You want to know more? In Agrícola Curtis we can give you more data of this new technology, perfect to get a higher quality forage.

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