Second hand tractors: 5 points you should check

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Sales of second-hand tractors are still pushing up. The new tractors, from our point of view, are much better but there are still those who prefer the traditional. Some, however, also resort to this market because their low activity does not allow them to launch into a new one.

A great demand means that in the second-hand market you can strain everything but today we want to give you 5 reliable tricks to check the condition of a second-hand tractor. When buying we recommend you to be patient and look good because a bad decision can result in thousands of euros of loss

5 important points when buying second-hand tractors

Horses of power adapted to your needs

No matter how much bargain you’ve found, before you go for a tractor, find out about its power and do not get too short or too loose. If your activity requires a tractor of 90 hp do not buy one of 140 hp because it is a very good offer. In the long run a tractor with too much potential for our activity will spend more fuel, will be less manageable and will make us lose money in the medium term.

If, on the other hand, we buy a 60 hp tractor when we need a 90 hp tractor, it is possible that over time it will become very common in the workshop. Try to find the right power and adapted to the one you are looking for. In the event that you do not find the power required a little above is never too much, but do not pass. We know that it is something basic but many times people sin excessively and in the long run they end up realizing that they have made a mistake. Also check the type of traction you need to complete the search.

Papers in order and approval

It may seem silly but if you do not choose to buy a professional, make sure all the papers are in order. Check rack numbers, engine numbers, axes, etc. If we make a mistake in our purchase, we risk not only updating the documentation with more money but also a possible penalty.

If we are going to buy a tractor with many years it is best to have the CE mark and the corresponding protections or approvals. An anti-roll system in good condition can save our lives in the event of an accident. There is a lot of old and imported tractor that you can not work with professionally. Pay attention to this because it will be important to see if that tractor is for you or better discard it.

Better buy a professional, and with a guarantee

The previous step seems important because there are many scares that have taken thousands of buyers. However, our recommendation is that you make the purchase to a professional or a trusted person.

You will have a tractor or other type of machinery reviewed, with a guarantee in case something happens, papers a day, etc. Even the professionals that sell you will advise you to find the right tractor for your needs.

Do a quick check of the vehicle’s condition

You have found the tractor you need, you have the papers in order and the most important point arrives, checking the general condition of the tractor. If this has a guarantee, also make a revision to rule out problems or mediate with the seller to solve them.

You should check some points on second-hand used tractors:

  • Check the engine, hours of operation, unusual noises, excessive smoke, leaks, etc.
  • Check that the arms do not rise to blows, especially at idle.
  • Activates the clutch to check its hardness or abruptness.
  • Try to make a small test in progress and detect strange noises in the march, direction, excessive vibrations, etc.

Better unpainted, just as it was delivered

Also, if you can try to check the unpainted tractor. A painted tractor does not give us a greater guarantee of anything. The ideal is to see it before being retouched to appreciate all its possible defects, big blows, etc. This will help us to see quickly what life has been the tractor has been.

If you have looked closely at the 5 points we are sure that you will have found the perfect one among second-hand tractors. Remember that these tips can be applied to all types of agricultural machinery used. Thoroughly reviewing the machine does not guarantee that it is perfect but many root problems are ruled out. If we have also bought it from a certified professional, our peace of mind should be maximum.

In case you are looking for used agricultural machinery, here are our used tractors.

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