Do you know the “agrarian Erasmus”? You can visit other farms in Europe to see how they work

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Erasmus Agrario

It is true that in Galicia we have very good farms, nobody can deny it. However, when the first members of the “Agrarian Erasmus” could see the farms of our neighboring countries, they were really impressed. Many professionals in the sector do not know about this program but it is still active and you can request inclusion in it. If you are a farmer, a farmer, or work in this field, this interests you.

The initiative, promoted by Rural Environment, makes it possible for a large number of farmers and ranchers to visit farms in other countries of the European Union. The objective is to learn from them to improve what we have. There is no better way to learn than soaking up the progress in the most advanced farms.

Explotación agricola Claas

What is the objective of the “Agrarian Erasmus”?

In the last two years more than 140,000 euros have been allocated to finance these visits that last between 5 days and a month. Of course, the goal, in addition to learning, is that people stay in the rural. Galicia is losing population in these areas in an aggressive manner and the program aims to train new farmers and ensure that they look after the sector. In recent years there is talk of a loss of up to 30% of farmers. This is one of the many measures integrated in the Youth Package.

Who can benefit from this program?

If you are interested in knowing other farms you should know that there are a lot of entities that can benefit from this program: groups of producers, neighborhood forest associations in common man, universities, agricultural professional organizations, cooperatives and companies.

Many users have been part of the program, what have they learned?

Explotación agricola avanzada

We just have to be guided by the last visits to see the level of our neighboring countries:

  • Farms with 3000 cows where animal welfare is well cared for, with wooden stables, good ventilation and a good use of sunlight.
  • Family farms with an average of 300 animals where robotization can improve the quality of life of the owners.
  • Operations where the age of the census is higher, but receiving a self-made diet with cereals and pasta.
  • Reduction of the stress of the animals with meadows care and leaving aside aggressive species in their ecosystem such as eucalyptus.

Each and every one of those who have visited a farm in a neighboring country have been able to understand that in Galicia we work very well, but that continuing to integrate technology into our business and improve the quality of life of our animals should be the priority. Here, in this article of the Voice of Galicia, you can see the testimony of some of the users who have already enjoyed the help.

In case you are interested you must visit the Rural Media website, there you will find all the information. The program is still open until 2020. If you need help with something, do not hesitate to contact us directly at Agrícola Curtis, we are at your service.

More information about the Agrarian Erasmus | Rural environment

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