Cutting bars Max Cut by Claas, why do they spend less fuel and mow better?

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As many of you know, it’s the mowing season and your press needs the best technology to go faster. Do you know which cut bars offer one of the best performances in the market? Yes, indeed, Claas Max Cut technology allows us to enjoy a product with great precision and high cutting stability.

Now, why do Max Cut bars offer this performance? We would like to explain everything that is behind you, so that you understand in a simple way why it could be an interesting purchase.

What are the advantages of using a Max Cut bar?

We will summarize all the advantages of this technology in only 3 sections, keys to increase profitability in the field.

High quality design

Look at the image, we detail all the points and keys of the design of the Max Cut.

  1. They are not welded but bolted. They allow maximum stability and bending due to the absence of welding.
  2. The notched tray is a single piece with perfect wavy shape.
  3. The drive is new and is giving very good results.
  4. Great sneaky cut.
  5. They can work with the PTO at only 850 rpm.
  6. They integrate a Safety Link module for greater security.
  7. Optimized shape of the discs and flat surface of the bar for a perfect flow.
  8. Quick change of blades.
  9. Intermediate parts of the shoe screwed and adaptable to the direction of rotation.

Mounted at the Bad Salugau factory in Germany, they enjoy strict quality control. Thanks to this the Max Cut enjoys maximum firmness and great stability. It offers the highest quality of cut and with a very high total precision.

Easy and fast maintenance

In terms of maintenance and wear you should know that this high-quality design allows dirt to stick to the bar. This allows us a higher cutting quality at all times and less wear.

The bar keeps the flow always optimal and the ease of replacing defective parts is impressive. Thanks to the assembly and the lack of welds, any damaged part can be disassembled and replaced in a very short time.

Low viscosity oil XPM 80W-90 keeps the bar always oiled. It is only necessary to change the oil if the SAFETY LINK module is changed or if the bar is opened. In addition, the change of blades is very fast but, as you can see, it will be somewhat less common than you are used to thanks to the optimizations that are in the design.

Low consumption and less raw ash in the forage

Thanks to an efficient design, this bar can be operated with only 850 rpm in the PTO. A low number of revolutions makes us spend less fuel and pollute less. Spend 20% less than other bars.

If we also take into account that the flow is of high quality, the bar does not suffer with gross ash and forms much less than with most bars in the market. Although the main interest is consumption, you should know that it also becomes less noisy and more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. If the harvest is very thick you can increase it to 1000 rpm again and we will gain a lot of cutting power.

We hope you have understood perfectly how the Max Cut cutting bar works. If you have any questions, remember to contact us or ask for our dealer. Our professionals will answer any question you have about this and other technologies.

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