3 tips for buying used and used machinery

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Buy agricultural machinery is expensive and a good option may be to use the used and used machinery. This type of machinery can be much more profitable than a new one, but we must take into account several things to know if it is what we need. The type of exploitation, risk that we can assume and other factors are decisive to make the right decision.

At Agricola Curtis we have a lot of used equipment at your disposal, all verified and tuned so you do not have to do anything. Ask us if you need something and we will see if it is or may be in our stock soon. Do you want to know what you should look at?

Do not look only at what you see

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The first rule is to inspect well what we are going to buy. It does not matter if it’s a tractor, a seeder or a used mixer truck. You will have to look at your outward appearance and also at the life you have had: number of hours you have worked, state of revisions and maintenance, treatment taken, etc.

Sometimes it will be difficult to know all the history of these machines that is why approved establishments for this are a good place to buy. They will be informed of the previous life, they will review the equipment and they will update it if they need something.

Buy only what you need

Secondly, having a lower price, do not let yourself be carried away by the “big horse walk or not walk”. If you are looking for a 100 hp tractor, do not buy a 160 hp tractor because it costs less. You may opt for the machine that you do not need much more expensive in the long run: more consumption, consumables and more expensive spare parts, difficulty in managing the type of exploitation we have, etc.

If you have doubts in this regard, it is best to tell our professionals (or in your trusted workshop, if you live far from here) what you need and they will advise you with the best machinery for you.

Search for machinery in a reliable establishment

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Finally, although it may seem obvious, be careful with all the machinery sold by non-certified or private establishments. It does not mean that buying a private person is not a good option in some cases but in most cases, when you are a stranger, you can gamble and sell us something that needs a great repair that does not cover the warranty because it is a piece of wear.

When we buy a car on a whim, we may be able to go without it for a while if it has a big deal to do. In case we go to buy a vehicle for our work, we need to point, a small breakdown or a problem can go very expensive. Not only will we have to pay for the repair, but we will also lose work days on our farm because we have chosen incorrectly.

You know, if you are going to buy used agricultural machinery be careful with what you buy and where you buy. Remember that our professionals will advise you but you must also be clear with what you are looking for.

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